Frequently Asked Questions

Life Calendar uses your birthday to generate a giant grid of your life in weeks and show you where you are relative to this grid. Each week is represented by a box, and you can keep track of these weeks by marking them with colors and adding notes, images, mood, and tags to each week. These can be anything from events of that particular week to any thoughts or reflections you might have on your life during that time. Some people like to use Life Calendar as a personal diary, while others use it as a way to keep their past and future in perspective.

The application was inspired by a popular post by Tim Urban titled "Your Life in Weeks".

What do all these colors mean?

You mark weeks with different colors or icons to highlight the overall mood of each week. You can assign meanings to each colors under Settings > Tags. Each color’s tag, if any, will be displayed at the end of each week that uses that color.

Where do I start adding notes?

Wherever you want! By default, Life Calendar flashes a pointer on the grid that shows you where you are relative to the grid, and this is the point most users use to start taking notes.

When do weeks start?

Each user’s weeks start differently depending on their birthday. For most users this means that week starts will change from year to year. If you prefer your weeks to start at a specific day, you can change this under Settings > Grid Appearance > Week Start.

How many notes can I add to each week?

Each note you add in Life Calendar is called a “card”. Premium users can add different types of cards along with notes, such as image cards and video cards.

Free and Premium users can add up to three cards for each week; Pro users can add an unlimited number of cards. For more information, check out Premium.

I keep forgetting to take a note!

Reminders can be added from Settings > Reminders. You can multiple reminders at different days and times.

Can I download the app on my Android device?

Life Calendar recently had a huge update, and this update is currently only available on iOS. The Android update is still under development, but you can download the old version from the Play Store. Note that some features available in the new version might not be available in the old version.

Typing on my phone sucks. I want to type on my computer!

A web client is currently in the works, and hopefully should be out soon!

Can I switch to a yearly / weekly grid?

You can view your Life Calendar in two styles: a weekly grid that shows you all your weeks in a single grid, or a yearly grid that breaks your weeks into years.

Can I take a snaphshot of my life calendar?

You can export a copy of your Life Calendar from the main “Weeks” view by zooming out and selecting the “Share” button in the navigation bar.

Can I export notes?

You can export notes from Settings > Export Notes. Notes are exported as a text file, and cannot be imported back into the app.

Can I lock my Life Calendar?

Premium users can lock the app using a 4-digit PIN code (or Touch ID if it’s available for iOS devices). For more information, check out Premium.

Why are some week boxes faded out?

Weeks with no cards in them are slightly faded out to differentiate them from weeks with cards in them.