Mark Zuckerberg's Life in Weeks

The following is a sample Life Calendar for Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. Each box represents a week, and each 52 weeks represent a full year. You can hover (or tap on mobile) on the highlighted boxes for more info.

If you spot anything wrong or would like to add something, let me know!

Yellow: Early life Orange: Grade School Red: Middle School Green: High School Light Blue: University Blue: Facebook Purple: Family

Some Cool Facts

  • His net worth is estimated to be US $76.6 billion as of January 2018, making him the fifth richest person in the world.
  • He suffers from red-green colorblindness – apparently this is why Facebook’s main color scheme is blue.
  • Several companies, including AOL and Microsoft, expressed an interest in hiring him as a teenager due to his skills.
  • He met his future wife shortly after creating face mash, before almost getting kicked out of Harvard.
  • Got married on May 19, just a day after Facebook’s IPO. He was 28 years old.
  • He has undertaken a personal challenge at the start of every year since 2009. In 2018, he's trying to fix Facebook!
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